2017 Luxury Home Features & Trends With Best Returns

2017 Luxury Home Features & Trends

Home trends are always changing. Some return in new ways decades later. And some disappear as quickly as they came.

Either way, it’s always important to keep a thumb on the pulse of current home trends: amenities, design, technology, and more. It’s a way to identify the best properties — spaces that will truly hold their value — and safeguard investments long-term. This is true for homeowners, buyers and sellers across the board, but is even more important in the luxury home market. With discerning tastes and higher expectations, luxury homeowners often set the stage for what’s next in real estate.

Here are the luxury home features & trends with the best returns in 2017.

5 Luxury Spaces & Value-Add Trends

  1. Kitchens: Commercial Appliances

Kitchens Commercial Appliances

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any home. It holds family, friends and a whole lot of value. The modern luxury homebuyer is seeking a space reminiscent of a high-end restaurant. And that means appliances fit for a bustling commercial kitchen, including a professional-grade range. In high-end homes, you’ll often see grand ranges as functional kitchen showpieces. Sometimes reaching six feet in length, these high-end appliances come in eye-catching colors and various configurations – fitting any luxury space or homeowner’s personal style. La Cornue’s Grand Palais 180 and Viking’s Tuscany Ranges are two popular examples from Europe.

  1. Master Closets: Massive Islands

Master Closets Massive Islands

A staple in any luxury kitchen, islands are having a major moment in the master closet. It’s part functionality, part centerpiece. The master closet is a luxurious showroom, and fashion is now the ultimate in high-end décor. The island is a perfect opportunity to showcase statement jewelry, designer purses and so much more. It has organizational functionality. It creates a convenient and efficient dressing room. Often as big as the master bedroom itself, master closets have become yet another space to relax and spend time. Massive islands are a must; while fireplaces, lounge chairs and flat-screen TVs are also finding a place in these luxurious spaces.

  1. Great Rooms: Wall of Windows

Great Rooms Wall of Windows

The mark of any well-designed Great Room is a feeling of openness. It brings down walls between rooms and, in turn, between people. And now with the “Wall of Windows” trend, it creates a sense of openness to the outdoors. Floor-to-ceiling windows are an opportunity to bring in tons of natural light and frame awe-inspiring landscapes. They often feature moving glass wall systems to seamlessly — and literally — open the space up to the outdoors. Such features are especially valuable in places where indoor-outdoor living is a part of the culture, like in Arcadia, Arizona.

  1. Garages: Space for 5 Cars or More

Garages Space for 5 Cars or More

A luxury home wouldn’t be complete without a garage fit for the finest sports car collection. The expectation is a five-car garage at minimum. It is used to display the automobiles as art, and the garage should be set up as such. In Arizona, car collections are a particularly big deal. January brings celebrities and international car collectors to the desert for the opportunity to bid on the rarest and most extraordinary automobiles in the world. Gooding & Company, for instance, just auctioned a $3.3 million 1925 Bugatti in 2017. There’s no doubt that a gallery-style garage is a must for car enthusiasts to showcase these one-of-a-kind million-dollar collections.

  1. Wine Rooms: Glass-Enclosed & on Main Floor

Wine Rooms Glass-Enclosed & on Main Floor

Another important collection? Wine. No longer relegated to the basement, luxury homeowners desire accessibility and the ability to showcase personally curated collections. In chilled glass-enclosed rooms, wine collections become a focal point and another statement piece. These impressive wine rooms are custom-made — every one is different — but the current trend is to place them prominently on the main floor of the home.

2017 Home Trends for Every Room

  • Design: Mixed Metals

Matchy-matchy design is out. It’s all about mixing color and texture, which is why mixed metals is one of the biggest trends today. It bridges industrial and minimalist design styles. And with so many ways to embrace metals, it’s a trend with staying power. From faucets to cabinetry hardware, you’ll see juxtaposing metallic and matte finishes. Classic combinations include antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze, brass and chrome, and silver and polished nickel.

  • Technology: Smart Homes

Fifty-four percent of buyers would buy a smart home over a traditional one, and 65 percent would pay extra to add smart-home features. Needless to say, smart homes are here to stay and an important consideration for the luxury real estate market. Internet of Things (IoT) additions include: home automation, voice-activated entertainment and next-level security systems. It could mean anything from a refrigerator that alerts homeowners when food is about to expire to air-conditioning that cools the house before an impending arrival. Homeowners expect to be just as connected to their luxury residences when on another continent as they are when inside the home – all from the touch of a smartphone.

Today’s luxury home features and trends will continue to evolve as they always have, but there is one thing owners and buyers will always desire: The ability to make a solid, strategic investment. And having a clear understanding of current trends and expectations is always a good first step.

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